We get new birds in our store on a regular basis!  And we have some hand fed babies, too.  Our birds are handled with a lot of love and care.  We help re-home parrots on consignment and wind up with all sorts of them!   We get in the following at varied times, Lovebird, Conure, Eclectus, African Grey, Amazon, Macaw, Finch, Canary, Parakeet, Cockatiel, Pionus, Kakariki, Parrolet, Quaker, Indian Ringneck, Caique, Cockatoo, Senegal, Budgie, African Red Belly, and hand fed baby parrots. Come into Inca's Secret Parrot Toys & Boarding to visit him to see which bird will connect with you!
Parrot Grooming with John Fogle

Parrot Grooming Services

Coming in to our shop will bring you more experiences than just looking for parrot food, parrot toys, parrot cages or parrot supplies.  You can bring your parrot in for a squawkin' spa! 

Parrot Grooming happens at Inca's Secret Parrot Toys and Boarding on Saturdays. We are grateful to have our teams of groomers, Sir Willie's Avian Grooming (a.k.a. "S.W.A.G."), and Blue Parrot.

Sir Willy's owners Jess and Daniel are sweet, experienced groomers and parrot owners who are very gentle with their handling and are well liked by parrots and "parrents" alike! Daniel sometimes brings his Yellow Naped Amazon that will serenade you with Bob Marley tunes while you shop and your parrot gets the total "Squawk Spa".

Blue Parrot owner Erica alternates Saturdays with Jess and Daniel. Her enormous experience and confidence are quite evident as she expertly handles even the most unhappy and ornery parrots! She ALWAYS has one or more parrots from her own flock with her as well!

Our groomers are all very good with even the most sensitive and biting parrots. They are all skilled in grooming nearly all beaks, whether they are misshapen, split mandible, serious overgrowth, or just regularly grown out.

Payment of cash for grooming services is preferred, however you can use your credit card on Inca's Secret purchases and receive cash back to pay their really reasonable fees.

Some of our past events which happen each year are shown below. Check our FaceBook page and Craigslist.org for upates on new events and happenings! We love to see you participate! Our rescued birds depend on it!

 Please Volunteer at your local organizations!  Inca's Secret Parrot Toys & Boarding tries to get out to help all causes when they can!  We also donate with discounts on purchases for rescues, contribute to worthy special causes with either cash, supplies or physical help and offer tax assistance.

Debbie Goodrich, Seattle Parrot Examiner

Debbie Goodrich, AKA The Parrot Lady Educational Entertainment, has been a regular entertainer in parrot-based "parties" around the Puget Sound Region since 2001. Her love and passion is sharing information based around parrots. Parrots serve as perfect ambassadors for the plight of the health...

On June 23rd, a group of people gathered together to help an avian rescue organization, called Bob Dawson's Macaw Rescue and Sanctuary. The sanctuary opened in 2005 with 25 macaws and now supports 400 parrots strong. Bob, a humble, honest man, asks for nothing in return for the care of the birds rendered to him. Instead, he shoulders the responsibility for every individual between himself and his wife, Carol. He rarely asks for help. In fact, he did not ask for help when the community learned he was having a recent problem with raccoons. Ever grateful, he found it difficult to grasp the temerity of community that have come out to help for the third time.

Sonya Brewer, who owns many parrots and has property herself, visited Bob shortly after the attacks occurred. She found Bob distraught and beside himself as he lifted an amazon who was badly injured into the house to give it reprise. She said, "He looked like a man defeated and took each hit personally," on her facebook account. The community respnded. Helping his projects advance faster than initially planned: pole barns, bigger flights, protective metal sheeting, hot wire, traps, cameras. His phone rang off the hook between people asking about the condition of the birds or about helping out with donating needed items or time.

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Carnation, WA

On this fateful day, about 20 volunteers showed up to help pull weeds, spread wood chips, frame a barn and pour cement. Racheal Keeler, who came during a previous work party said, "[Bob] is doing a service to the community. It's the least we can do to help." Racheal, a remarkable person herself, provides dogs for prison inmates as therapy animals. John Fogle, a groomer for Inca's Secret Parrot Toys brought himself and the shop's owner, Lisa Brandmeier along. Bird owner and volunteer, Melanie Noryes commented, "If I am involved with birds, I'm part of the problem." She paused as she hefted more wood chips, "I should be a part of the solution." Her son and two other children participated as well, grabbing rakes, shovels and wheelbarrows. The youngest, Rory Goodrich, lost his first tooth that day.

Arriving at the property was amazing itself. Tall fir trees, reminiscent of the rainforest, echoed calls of parrots instead of robins. African Greys, Cockatoos, Macaws, Conures and Amazons were seen between trees in clearings. Some were protected by emus or cleaned by pheasants. The birds had plenty of fresh food, toys, branches and perches for the 20-40 animals housed in each aviary. Hot wire had already been installed on the critical enclosures attacked by raccoons. The theme for this party was barn raising and planning for the second annual event, Bob's Benefit BBQ for the Birds. Monies raised fund three local parrot rescue groups in Washington: Bob's, Zazu's House and Mollywood.

Bob indicated that most grants for 501 (c)3 parrot rescue organizations fund compensation to groups who adopt out. In Bob's case, the organization does not adopt any birds out as a board-agreed goal. Essentially, birds arrive to live in the forest with others of their kind. They learn to become flighted and socialize with each other until the end of their days.

His usual attrition a year is 1-2%. These unusual attacks by raccoons have been difficult for Bob because they appear to damage or kill birds only for sport. Controlling them comes at a cost. For the sanctuary, the majority of the funding comes from Bob and Carol's full time work outside of the sanctuary. When asked if he charges a fee for incoming animals, Bob responded, "I don't ask for money. The birds need a place. I take on that responsibility."

As dark clouds rolled in, thunder pounded and then rain saturated the worksite, the volunteers headed indoors. The birds, in the meantime, rejoiced by bathing in the rain. Inside, food brought by volunteers and Carol's pulled pork brought in lively conversation. Sonya manned the BBQ and the kids chattered like birds at the table. Everyone was disappointed they could not get back out and work that day, but they all know another work party is just around the corner.

Special thanks goes out to the following volunteers that day: John Fogle, Racheal Keeler, Maline Noryes, Lisa Brandmeier, Sonya Brewer, Steve Brewer, Russ Campbell, Rebecca Wells, Josh Dawson, Arika Newlun, NAncy Newlun, JordeGoo (Jordan), John Fogle, Philip Goodrich, Rory Goodrich, Debbie Goodrich, Carol Dawson and, of course, Bob Dawson. Represented amongst the volunteers: NWEBS bird club (Northwest Exotic Bird Society), The Parrot Lady Educational Entertainment, Inca's Secret Parrot Toys, Bird Feather, family, friends and community service volunteers. With your help, unwanted parrots have a place to call home.