Vacation? Remodeling?  Shopping?  Business travel?  Birdie socialization?  Just need a break? 

These are all reasons you may want to board your parrot.  If you aren't comfortable with someone coming in to your home, or worried that the person you've got available doesn't have parrot experience, then Inca's Secret Parrot Boarding is the place for you to come for parrot boarding or parrot sitting.  Whether you need to be gone a day, a week, a month or more, we have the perfect accommodations for your loved feathered friend.

 Be sure to get your reservations in early for vacations and holidays!!!  We can fill up quickly!

Your birds will have lots of fun while you are away!  And unlike other places who leave your bird in the cage, we will take your feathered friend out for socialization and play!  We have several play stands and lots of toys for enrichment.  We give your pet the special love it deserves! 

Parrot Boarding Requirements

All parrots staying with us must have had a clean viral disease check or vaccinations as outlined in the Health Testing Requirements PDF file below, as well as a vet check within the last 12 months. Your parrot must not have had any signs of illness within the last six months or a new vet check is required.  Our policy is that all forms be filled out completely, and signed.   Overnight stays have a minimum of two nights.  We can do daytime only boarding, however the same requirements apply.

We have plenty of cages, so you don't need to bring one, unless your parrot feels better in his or her own cage.  You can bring it with you, already loaded up with their favorite perches, toys and snugglies.  

If you are boarding using our cages, we prefer you bring a comfortable perch and at least one toy.  If you need a new toy you can pick one out when you come in.  We may choose to offer an additional toy or two that may be used, but cleaned and sanitized. 

We supply all food bowls for our own cages, and we supply the food, unless there is some specific diet that we don't normally carry.  We carry most of the major brands of parrot foods, and we do provide fresh fruits, veggies, and varied bean or cooked mixes.  We offer low sugar animal crackers for treats along with nuts and dried fruits.

We enjoy your parrot out of the cage for play time, socialization, wing flapping or flight in and outside of the parrot room and in the main office/toy sales area.  And of course, lots and lots of snuggles and love.  If your parrot needs a more quiet area, we will keep him or her in the front main area, away from the happy chatter of our own and other boarded parrots.

They can also be groomed while here if necessary, additional fees apply.

We can fill up quickly, so make your reservations in advance!  Payment for boarding is due when you come in with your parrot.  

Our Boarding rates are as follows:          Large Cages    - $35 per night       - Macaws, Cockatoos, Larger Amazons like Mealys

                                                                Medium Cages - $30 per night       - Greys, Pionus, Patagonians, Eclectus, Severe Macaws

                                                                Small Cages     - $25 per night       - Senegals, Conures, Ringnecks, Lovebirds, Cockatiels, etc.

         ***Two birds in one cage are charged at a cage and a half price.***

NOTE:  Published rates here are current.   

Easy access for parrot boarding from Seattle, Kent, Renton, Auburn, Des Moines, we are just down the hill from the SeaTac airport.  We also offer baby parrots, and older adults too!  We are your one stop shop for everything parrot in King County, Washington State.

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