There are some places we love with people who have all sorts of birds, knowledge and interesting gatherings.  Click on the links to check them out and learn about their organizations as this will help you with the proper care and husbandry of your parrots in addition to what you learn from us. 

At Inca's Secret Parrot Toys & Boarding, we can offer a lot of advice, however everyone has so many different experiences and ways of doing things that we love for people to be educated in all sorts of venues and arenas and encourage everyone to do what they feel is best with their bird. And we love to hear your stories of what works for you!

Parrots are so complex, and we never stop learning both about them and from them.  We want you to always seek out the very best advice from multiple sources in order to get very rounded, open views in order to have the tools available for handling your parrot during all the varied stages of their lives, and yours!

Parrot Clubs, Parrot Groups

Founded in 1979, NWEBS aka Northwest Exotic Bird Society, is one of the oldest bird clubs in the Puget Sound.  They have monthly meetings, and a great community of people who have the same interests of course - Parrots!  Their annual dues are only $20 per year which supports their purpose and we fully endorse them and encourage you to join.  You will get a monthly newsletter and you will also meet some great new friends!

American Federation of Aviculture, national organization of aviculturists, with members worldwide. Promotes bird keeping, education, and conservation projects.

Olympic Bird Fanciers, another wonderful parrot and bird group with an opening statement:   We are a group of individuals who share a passion for our feathered friends.  We are dedicated to education, preservation, conservation and the well being of our companion birds.

Seattle Parrots a group on which is a web based chat group that has wonderful members.  This group was started by Chris Fox over 10 years ago and is loaded with parrot owners who have a lot of experience.

Need help on diets?  Feeding Feathers, another group on is very dedicated to their cause of attempting to achieve the best diet possible and they are loaded with advice, recipes and good stuff!


Inca's Secret Parrot Toys & Boarding believes that it is best to let parrots fly when they can. We are big advocates of keeping your parrots wings in their natural state for the experienced parrot owners who understand how to keep their birds safe in flight, inside and out. 

We do not advocate keeping wings intact for birds who have first time owners that have not been properly educated, parrots that are injured, or owners who do not have the ability to assist their birds with proper flight space indoors to avoid injury. 

We do suggest on occasion, for birds that have become "rulers of the roost" and start flying at you and biting you or attacking you to go ahead and clip their wings. This is one parrot grooming method which often helps to calm them down.  Its effect can put them on a lower "hierarchy" to remind them that you are the dominant flock leader.  The wings will grow back, and often times this is only needed once to help get your parrots back to their loving selves.  Note we said this is one method - there are other actions you can take.

Testimonial:  "Thank you, Lisa for suggesting we do this with Hugh.  I was so worried about doing it, but when you reminded us that his wings would grow back, we decided to try it.  He's not biting us anymore!"  --Elizabeth

And for those who prefer to keep their parrots clipped and those who must clip for whatever reason, we absolutely applaud those of you who provide the necessary items to encourage climbing, free flapping while holding your birds, and ample opportunity to exercise the lungs and body through play and vocalizations, even when really loud!

So check out our favorite!

Flight Club Foundation

Debbie Goodrich is the founder of the Flight Club Foundation

Avian Veterinarians

Inca's Secret Parrot Toys & Boarding strongly recommends you use a Certified Avian Vet.  Parrots are not in a "catch all" group for some pets like cats and dogs.  Their bodies are complex, and while there are some vets who have some general experience with parrots, we strongly advise that you use one who is Board Certified.

We are providing a list below for our local Puget Sound and general Seattle and surrounding areas near Inca's Secret Parrot Toys & Boarding at 8433 S 212th St, Suite #105, Kent, WA  98031 

Below the local avian vet list is a link for you to search avian vets within your state.

Please note - if you are in our store please ask for a card for Pine Tree Veterinary Hospital, where Dr. Bridgette Ferguson has her practice.  Her link is below.  She is our first preferred veterinarian and is board certified, Avian Diplomate.  She also sees all sorts of other animals.

Pine Tree Veterinary Hospital (Maple Valley) 425-432-2222

Dr. Bridget Ferguson



Des Moines Veterinary Hospital 

206-878-4111   Dr. James Onorati


Bird & Exotic Clinic Seattle   206-783-4538 

Dr. Tracy Bennett

Avian and Exotic Animal Hospital  (Bothell) Anneliese Strunk, DVM, Diplomate ABVP


Avian Specialty Veterinary Services (Bremerton/Alaska) 360-377-3801 

Dr. Scott Ford






The Association of Avian Veterinarians

Please note:  Use all vets at your own discretion.  Thank you .

Parrot Rescue & Other Links

Regarding Parrot Rescues

At Inca's Secret, we have the utmost respect for these world class rescues.  It is our opinion that companion parrots belong in homes. 

Inca's Secret Parrot Toys & Boarding will always try to work with you to keep your feathered friend first. 

If it cannot be accomplished or is simply unrealistic, we will also try to help find your parrot a new home.

We have a vast outreach of support in our parrot community and have many options that may work before surrendering your loved parrot to a sanctuary.

Whether we house your bird with us, or reach out to a local foster who may either adopt or hold your parrot until we find it a suitable place we will do our very best to try to keep the birds from winding up in a sanctuary which is a permanent place.  The sanctuaries are rather full, and are in great need of support. 

We do encourage you to provide donations from their pages of "wish lists" or a flat out financial donation to help with food, housing, veterinary care and maintenance.

Cockatoo Rescue and Sanctuary

Lori Rutledge

Macaw Rescue and Sanctuary

Bob and Carol Dawson

Mollywood Avian Sanctuary

Nate and Betsy Lott

Zazu's House Parrot Sanctuary

Christy Hensrude

Have you LOST or FOUND a Parrot?

Here are some tips to help you get your bird back.

Keep calling your bird!  If you have more than one, place the second one outside to have it vocalize along with you to the one who flew off. 

Notify everyone!  Neighbors, friends, post your ad on

911 Parrot Alert

Parrot Alert


ASK FOR HELP from your neighbors, friends and local parrot groups and parrot stores.

Call your local animal shelters, send, post or fax flyers to all vet's offices, post in nearby neighborhoods, churches, schools, libraries, or wherever they will let you put up a flyer.  Contact local parrot groups up to at least 50 miles in radius.

Look before sunrise and during and after dusk as well as during the day.  Remember parrots are most vocal in the early morning and early evening as sun begins to set.

By day 3 parrots are usually to the extreme hunger stage if they haven't found food and are more likely to come down out of a tree.  Place temporary cages on rooftops if possible, with food in them and have your neighbors or friends be on watch for the bird to fly into the cage.  Place your birds cage outside and rattle their food dish.  Don't stop calling the bird!!  Supply your friends with pillow cases to capture the bird if it is lured onto a rooftop or deck with food.

When you find your bird, please take it to it's regular vet for a checkup.  Being lost can be very stressful and it could have come into contact with an outside bird that may be carrying a virus.